\ tek \ • noun



\ al-kuh-mee \ • noun

a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

A tech company focused on offering a broad range of integrated solutions

      What else do we do?             ...      
      What else do we do?             ...      

    Danish EU commissioner pulls out of the race for the top job at the European Investment Bank
    Nintendo cancels its Live 2024 Tokyo event after persistent threats to workers and customers
    Nvidia CEO suggests Malaysia could be AI ‘manufacturing’ hub as Southeast Asia expands data centers
    Construction of a cable to connect the power grids of Greece and Cyprus is set to start next year
    Meta makes end-to-end encryption a default on Facebook Messenger
    Europe’s talks on world-leading AI rules paused after 22 hours and will start again Friday
    Big Tech muscles in: The 12 months that changed Silicon Valley forever
    The UK government blames Russian intelligence for prolonged efforts to meddle in British politics
    Twitch says it’s withdrawing from the South Korean market over expensive network fees
    Facebook parent sued by New Mexico alleging it has failed to shield children from predators
    Google launches Gemini, upping the stakes in the global AI race
    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to receive Serbian passport, president says
    Bank of England will review the risks that AI poses to UK financial stability
    Europe was set to lead the world on AI regulation. But can leaders reach a deal?
    Iran says it sent a capsule capable of carrying animals into orbit as it prepares for human missions
    Can’t Sleep? Listen to an AI-Generated Bedtime Story From Jimmy Stewart.
    23andMe says health data included in hack that compromised 6.9M users
    Biden administration pledges $6 billion to a pair of high-speed electric rail routes in the US West
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