\ tek \ • noun



\ al-kuh-mee \ • noun

a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

A tech company focused on offering a broad range of integrated solutions

      What else do we do?             ...      
      What else do we do?             ...      

    Elon Musk says he’s moving SpaceX, X headquarters from California to Texas
    Robot umpire challenge system could be tested next spring training, 2026 regular-season use possible
    Amazon Prime Day is a major cause of injuries for warehouse workers, Senate review says
    Kaspersky will shutter US operations after software is banned by Commerce Department, citing risk
    Baltic countries notify Russia and Belarus they will exit the Moscow-controlled electricity grid
    Microsoft faces UK competition investigation over hiring of AI startup’s founder and key staff
    Hong Kong is testing out its own ChatGPT-style tool as OpenAI planned extra steps to block access
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to confirm delay in Aug. 8 robotaxi unveil event to make design change
    ACC to use Apple’s iPads on football sidelines and in coaching booths for video playback this fall
    OpenAI whistleblowers ask SEC to investigate the company’s non-disclosure agreements with employees
    Trump Media shares surge on 1st day of trading after assassination attempt on the former president
    Two young drivers take the wheel. One, a teen. The other, a Tesla
    From basement to battlefield: Ukrainian startups create low-cost robots to fight Russia
    What to stream: Childish Gambino, Daisy Ridley and some gladiators

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    What to stream: Childish Gambino, Daisy Ridley and some gladiators

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